6 Fast Moving Companies Using Internet Marketing in Montana

It’s a new year and very few companies in Montana are keeping up with the times. Many websites are unavailable or outdated. Many businesses are running on slow, unreliable technologies. If you’re a business owner in Montana, then you should stand up and take notice of what these 6 fast moving companies are doing with web technologies.

1) Glacier Payments

Location: Whitefish, Montana

A very large, successful POS company who definitely know what they’re doing. They have one of the cutting-edge websites online right now, with merchant login, agent login, and a highly graphical front page http://glacierpayments.com/

2) Loenbro

Location: Great Falls, Montana

Specializing in fabrication, oilfield services, industrial construction, and more. Loenbro clearly has YouTube video marketing down, and seems to regularly publish new videos more often than most companies in Montana.

3) InBusiness Inc

Location: Missoula, Montana

Originally founded in Florida, and now with an office in Montana, this is fast mover in terms of the work they’re doing with client services, and their own products online. InBusiness has been offering numerous marketing services for nearly 7 years. Their primary search marketing office is located at Missoula SEO. While they also now offer Amazon account buying services on http://www.inbusinessinc.com/sell-your-amazon-business-fba/

4) Foundant Technologies

Location: Bozeman, Montana

Foundant GLM is the most popular online grants management solution. A niche service, which few companies are nailing down, Foundant has an excellent user interface on their website – while many similar companies are not keeping up with the times. They are even implementing new technology like Qualaroo. A very effective user survey and site improvement software.

5) Adventure-Life

Location: Missoula, Montana

Based in the hot bed of technology in Montana, this Missoula company is by far the most successful. Adventure-Life’s website clearly communicates, very quickly, what they do. Travel agent services. The takeaways from their online marketing can be seen right away when you land on their site. They have a live chat service in the bottom-right hand corner, which is a key technology very few companies are leveraging. Their homepage is also very clearly call to action oriented. Did they do conversion rate optimization to discovery the effectiveness of this interface? Perhaps.

6) Altos Phonics

Location: Bozeman, Montana

Few companies in Montana are keeping up with the times. Altos Phonics is clearly taking advantage of the newest, most effective, most user-friendly storefront technology on their website.

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