How Old Dead Guys Still Confound The Masses

Respect, or as we like to call it with a lisp around these parts “resplect”, is a very important concept. So much so that it’s ingrained, like a backbone to our every day lives.

Don’t agree with me?

Then try to go a day without respecting anyone else’s property. It’s so natural for you to respect most of other’s property that you would feel like a fish out of water if you tried. You’d become a vagrant criminal as well. Which is why I don’t recommend the above exercise.

Today I came across something funny. According to thoreau what should be respected

What made me laugh was how people use philosophers as oracles. No, what I’m thinking of is a guru. Where they can step up to the throne and ask their question.

Do people think for themselves?

A person who’s going around building a concept of respect from old dead guys might find some great ideas. But this person isn’t doing it properly. They’re building a bunch of pieces, and then where are all these pieces going?

For example, if you take what Thoreau said, then you plug in some other mish mash of ideas, what do you have?

Is that the correct concept of respect?

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