Bazaar Repo Now Online

Bazaar DVCS logo

My public Bazaar repository is now officially online :) I've only put one of my projects in it for the moment (SamuraiPHP). More will follow. I've been busy working on my PHP MVVM framework MomentumPHP over the break, I'll put it in the public repo when I consider it to have hit 1.0 status. I'm also porting HIFI Bible to use MomentumPHP. This will enable me to add features more easily, remove some redundant code and put the whole code base under unit tests (some parts of it date back to my final year of university, before I really built regression test suites).

Anyway, you can now browse code online by going to

The True Elegance of XFCE

xubuntu desktop screenshot

After a weekend spent indulging my hobbies of distro-hopping and desktop-environment-switching, I've come to pretty much the same conclusion I usually do. XFCE rocks.

I've made my peace with the fact that I'm an Ubuntu guy. I started on Debian, moved to Fedora and even set up shop on the sunny shores of Arch for quite some time, but Ubuntu just keeps pulling me back...

Beginning MTS@HBC

What I'm Doing in 2012

To my Friends and Family,

I'm writing this letter to tell you some exciting news, and invite you to be a part of it. In 2012, I am beginning a gospel-ministry apprenticeship in Newcastle through Hunter Bible Church. I believe that God has called me to spend my life in gospel ministry, and this apprenticeship marks an important step in that direction.